Interior and exterior painting

Interior and exterior painting of Residences / Commercial buildings / Townhouses /Complexes

Paint Revelations will assist the client in assessing the needs and determine the best product specification for the project

As paint contractors we paint the sprockets, trusses, window frames (wood or steel), doors and door frames (wood or steel).

We do proper preparation of all the walls and garden walls before painting them. We waterproof the bottom parts of all the walls and parapets before painting them, to limit water damage.

We remove visible loose paint and seal all old paint to the walls with an acrylic sealer. Repair all cracks using a strong filler that can withstand any structural cracking.

Iron gates, security gates, railings, braais and steel structures are sanded down, treated with an anti-rust paint before being painted with durable paint.

Repair roof tiles, nocks and valleys before waterproofing them and afterwards we seal the affected areas with a roof paint or UV resisted paint to prolong the waterproofed areas.  

Paint Revelations strives to work closely with the caretaker, estate manager and owners to ensure quality work and assist with the securing of property to limit any losses.